Dating Rule #59 : How To Make A Girl/Guy Feel Special

How to make a girl / guy feel special

I know what’s the first thing that comes to your mind : A lovely present carried by doves and delivered to him/her on valentine’s day, right? Well, okay maybe not exactly everyone has trained doves but you get what i mean, that’s WRONG. (: That just makes them feel loved, appreciated and if their allergic to doves, then itchy too. What you’re trying to make someone feel is special, yup, like the special order you get from MacDonalds when you order a plain double cheeseburger 😀

So, how do we go about doing this then? Simple, here are 3 points i believe you should consider if you wish to make anyone feel special (:

Don't have abs? Then you have a problem!

Yup you heard me right, NOTHING. Not a limited edition teddy bear, not a Ronaldo signed soccer boot, and not even an iPhone which Steve Jobs sat on accidentally himself -nods sagely. Anything you can get off the shelf simply makes it mass produced, not special anymore. Something special is something that is unique, one of a kind, and how else can you get that besides using 3 letters : D.I.Y.

Yup! Put that money packed wallet down and let your creative juices flow! Whether it’s writing a poem to them on a candle, recording your own amateurishly composed song for them or creating a snapple fact saying you like them (Don’t steal my proposal idea!), any of those would definitely make them feel a lot more special than receiving something you could have got off the shelf for them. (:

2. Don’t Wait For That Special Day
Yes, forget about Valentine’s day, Christmas and International Cat Day, they’ll be (apart from international cat day) expecting something from you/anyone on those days as their system has been tuned to receiving and expecting gifts. Giving them any present, or your D.I.Y present you worked so hard on on that day would make it just another gift. Perhaps your personal touch to the gift would make it feel a little more appreciated, but for it’s best effect, give them a present when they least expect it! This is, of course, bearing in mind the exclusion of certain days such as : a funeral, on sensitive days like the anniversary of the 9/11 bombings or perhaps even International Reject-A-Present Day (I heard it exists :/)

3. Don’t Follow Conventionalism
Conventionalism, if anything, makes you boring. Don’t propose on one knee in the restaurant or at a sunset, try proposing while both of you are in the midst of skydiving off a plane! You can even threaten not to pull your life jacket if she wishes to reject you! 😀
Anyway, you get my point, don’t do things conventionally as conventionalism makes you boring, and if there’s one thing boringness definitely makes you feel, it’s not special. So give a twist in everything you deliver, think out of the box, and then drag him/her out of the box with you so you two can get away from all the boringness of the four walls in the box (:

So there you go,  follow these 3 steps and i can assure you, that you’ll definitely be making that special someone in your life feel as special as they deserve to feel. Cheers (:

Well, you do need money for that present (;

Yours sincerely,
Desmond L.

Dating Rule #58 : Can We All Get An A-Man?

Women Praying For The "A-Man"

Alright! My sincere apologies for the long break i took from blogging on this website, it was largely because i was tremendously busy with my work in the army, of which i’ll be officially completing my term in less than 3 weeks so i’m much more free now. Anyway, i would like to kick start the launch of this website once again with this wonderful little guest post by Tiersa Buckley.

It speaks of how we should not always aim for all the boxes in our checklist to be checked when searching for the perfect man and how we should reevaluate our criterias and aims. For guys, you might be interested in this post : How To Be The Perfect Guy. Cheers!

Note : If any of you wish to write in (and i advice you to) on your views on certain aspects of relationships and dating, don’t hesitate to contact me here!

Can We All Get An A-Man?

A sad and sometimes pathetic statistic shows that each minute in this country women are praying to find Mr. Right, Mr. Right now or even one that’s willing to set aside his beer and turn off the game to listen to her feelings.  I’m talking about an A+ man that has fine tuned his washboards, mows your lawn without a shirt on a regular basis and takes out the trash with such finesse it makes you want to swoon.
Yes, we women want the ultimate man who will fill our every need and feeding us a cluster of grapes while we put our feet up doesn’t hurt either.  Well girls, these days you’re lucky to find one that wears attractive tightie whities and doesn’t call his mother every 5 minutes for her approval on everything under the sun.

Eventually, praying for a good man will hurt your knees not to mention your pride, so stand up and stop dreaming about the perfect man because he doesn’t exist.  These gentlemen you seek are few and far between so stop ticking off your criteria list when dining with a blind date. The biggest risk you face these days with dating is finding someone who is willing to look past your imperfections as well.  We all have flaws, so look past his unmatched clothes or unruly hair and get down to the business at hand.  While sexual chemistry is a very important part of any relationship it is not always the end all be all.
On the other hand, you don’t need to choose a guy who would rather be at home trimming his toenails or talking to his buddies via his fancy new cell phone during a date.  Women are sexual beings who crave affection and attention. We need men who can answer the call to arms when we require being wrapped up in them or just want to be playful and wrestle.

If your heart races when you set eyes on him and you don’t need to squeeze him into your busy schedule like a dog you have to walk on your lunch hour; then it just might be true love.  Overanalyzing his personality traits can set you into a tailspin and sometimes stop you from finding a diamond in the rough.  Rough around the edges and just waiting to be polished can sometimes be a great thing and you might just find his true potential is striving to make you happy.

Tiersa Buckley is a creative writer for and and has published many humourous articles that showcases the quirky side of the wonderful world of online dating.

I sincerely hope you all like the articles and once again, if any of you wish to write in (and i advice you to) on your views on certain aspects of relationships and dating, don’t hesitate to contact me here!

Yours sincerely,
Desmond L.

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